SCIMAP is being used in the Defra funded River Eden Demonstration Test Catchment (EdenDTC) project. This project is investigating the dynamics of water quality from agricultural land using state of the art, real time, water quality monitoring to gain new insights. This new insight will then be used to design mitigation measures to reduce the impact of agricultural activity on in-stream water quality and ecology whilst maintain agricultural production.

SCIMAP is being used as part of the catchment characterisation work and has been applied to the three focus catchments (Dacre Beck, Morland Beck and Pow Beck) in Cumbria. An example output set is below for Morland Beck in KML format (compatible with GoogleEarth):

  • mor_landerosTrans – Morland potential pattern of surface erosion. Red is the highest relative risk, blue is the lowest
  • mor_connect – Morland potential hydrological connectivity. Blue represents the highest potential connectivity and red the lowest.
  • MorlandSCIMAP-inchannel-risk-concn – Morland in-stream relative risk. Red and yellow represent higher risk and blue represents lower risk.


This information is being used to comceptually understand how the catchment may be working and to target the important areas for the installation of mitigation features to reduce the amount of diffuse pollution reaching the streams and rivers.

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